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Camp Programs

Burst the Goal, 9-3pm

Learn to realize your dream, dominate in the goal box, place your shot rather than just kick it. Learn the skills needed to become a dominant force on the field. This is an excellent program to help elevate your game.

TEC Academy, 6-14yrs, 9-3pm

Each player will be placed in a group based on your soccer ability primarily and age secondary. We want everyone to be challenged so they can learn. This will only happen if you participate in a group of players that are the same level or better than you are. All our teaching begins from the point where you are at and not a set point in the curriculum based on your age.

We will teach you the fundamentals; dribbling, passing, shooting, changes off direction and more if that is what you need. If you are at a more advanced level you will learn the different forms of trapping, maneuvering the ball with all parts of your foot, shooting and more as time permits. The learning and playing opportunities never end!

No matter what level you are at or how long you have played soccer for we have something for you! Join us wanting to learn and you will. Join us wanting to have fun and you will. Join us wanting to bring your game to the next level and you will.

You cannot lose, this program is a win-win. You get out of this program what you put into it, tricks, scoring, bragging rights whatever it is we have got it for you.

When the week ends you will want more Smart, Spectacular, Soccer !

FunKidz, 4-6yrs, 9-12noon

Your player feels like one of the big kids going to soccer camp! We have FUN by playing games focused around the ball, sharing and taking turns. If it is a hot sunny day we play in the sprinkler and tarp-soccer. Trick of the day is a fun yet challenging part of the program since they will learn different ways of manipulating the ball.

Snack but no lunch This is a great program to introduce soccer and making new soccer friends into your player's life!

Learn to Shoot, 10 and up, 9-3pm

This program we refer to as a work shop due to it running for three days. These three days are intense and you will not be able to manage more.

This program will teach you the difference between a kick and a shot. The technical requirements of being able to develop an arsenal of shots, how to place the ball and how to make a decision of what shot to use when. Should we shoot the the ball is at a dead stop, rolling or what. 

3-days may seem short but it is a lot to it and your player's leg(s) will be sore at the end of the program.

Your player wants to learn how to be a consistent shooter this is the program!

PRE-preseason, incoming 9th grader, 10 and 11th graders, 9-3pm

Taken most of the summer off and need to get back into thinking, feeling and breathing soccer than this is the program for you.

Ask yourself the questions;

Do you want to feel prepared for try outs?

Do you want to feel confident when you arrive for the first day?

Do you want to show off with a move or two, shoot the goal of the day, or the pass that sets up for the winning goal?

-If you answered yes to any of these questions than this program is for you.

Smart, Spectacular, Simple, Soccer

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