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Founding Director

James Bede, Coaching Director, Program Developer

Soccer is meant to be played spectacularly smart and simple. Your highest level of play comes from having the ability to make the right decision and playing together with your team. We cannot forget it is a team sport.

Soccer is not what James does it is who he is! He grew up with a ball at his feet and this lead him to being one of the youngest players signed to a soccer school in France. He played professional in France and for his national team, Ivory Coast, simultaneously. He came to the United States and was invited to a New England Revolution showcase when the team was forming. James did not seriously consider coaching but stayed with it when the kids responded well, learned and went on to scholarships at private schools, colleges and even signing with the MLS. He realized that his program works!

Soccer is part of coach James DNA!

He has been teaching and coaching soccer in the US for more than 20 years. His philosophy is simple yet excellent: Soccer is not kicking. It is thinking! James goal is for everyone who works with JBSC~Rangers to play "Smart Soccer" and become a contributing member on their team.


Professional soccer in Europe for 10+years

National team for 8 years

A license

4 continuing education classes per year

Contributor to soccer news letters in Ivory Coast on development and team structure

Smart Soccer!

Spectacular. Smart. Simple

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