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JBSC's mission

JBSC's Mission

JBSC Mission

Our goal is to transform the way you think soccer should be played, and to get you playing "Smart Soccer." We help you be the best you can be!
Become a smart player so you can be a contributor on any team you play on!

JBSC has a team mentality which means all our players learn to play every position. We are soccer players, not strikers defenders or middies, i.e. we are not a position.

Take the step by step approach to learning and permit yourself the time you need at each level to truly master it. Patience lead to more confidence in your skills and ability and it will show both on and off the field.

We offer a gateway to endless possibilities in player skill development. We will turn your love for soccer into motivation and determination to master all aspects of the game, including the technical, tactical, physical and psychological components of play.


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