Practice, practice, practice

Posted by James Bede Soccer Club on Feb 28 2019 at 11:43AM PST

Practice, practice, practice….
People say you are required to work 10,000 hours to master a skill. That is an enormous time requirement and dedication.
Let’s discuss the issue of practice for a minute and see what this means.
Practice for the sake of practicing in the hopes of reaching your hours will not bring you to mastery.
Practice needs to be approached with a purpose and the desire to improve and reach the next level of ability.
The other thing we need to ask ourselves is; should we stay with the same coach/program for the entire 10,000 hours or should we jump around.
We can argue for both sides; stay with the same one and you get the entire program and a coach that gets to know you and the development you need. The draw back is that your player may get a little bored and feel like she/he is not learning.
The option of jumping around gives the player an insight into different perspectives of the game. The negative side with jumping is that your player needs to start all over and possibly relearn skills in a new different way of executing it.
Both can be a win or a loss
Practice and development should be first and foremost on our mind when it comes to our players.
Looking in from the outside we sometimes feel as if our player is not learning, working, having fun and they are above everyone else as far as ability.
I have learned the hard way, with my own kids, that I make assumptions about what my kids get out of their school and learning, not a good thing since I really need to leave it to the kids to tell me.
My job as a parent should be to teach my kids to self reflect on what is good and what is bad and not take the assumptive approach of judging. I need to keep in mind, no matter how young or old he is that it is an after-school activity and it needs to be something he wants to do.
Practice, practice, practice…I know at the end of a season, especially winter when we have been cooped up inside, it is hard to stay focused and motivated some days since we are itching to get outside. We need to refocus even when we struggle and put it all in to our practice.
We play the way we practice!


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